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Le photographe Nabile Quenum, du blog Jaiperdumaveste, est mort


La mort tragique de Nabile Quenum, 32 ans, a été annoncée en début de semaine et a suscité de vives réactions.

Il faisait partie de cette nouvelle vague de photographes de streetstyle et avait décroché décroché au fil des années le respect de ses pairs. Nabile Quenum, dont l’alias J’ai Perdu Ma Veste était aussi le nom de son très populaire portfolio en ligne, est mort fin décembre à son domicile parisien.

Selon des informations, diffusées par ses proches et non confirmées par sa famille, il aurait été intoxiqué par du monoxyde de carbone s’échappant de son radiateur. Mort dans son sommeil, ce n’est que la semaine suivante qu’il a été retrouvé inanimé dans son lit.

Habitué des fashion week, Nabile avait fait du streetstyle sa spécialité arpentant les abords des défilés et photographiant des anonymes stylés et des célébrités comme A$ap Rocky, Teyana Taylor, Future encore Solange Knowles. Il travaillait depuis quelques années pour des publications prestigieuses comme Vogue, GQ ou le New York Magazine.

Qualifié de “boule d’énergie” par Scott Schuman de The Sartorialist, Nabile était un photographe respecté et sa mort a suscité de nombreuses réactions sur la toile.

I am regretful to be the bearer of some extremely sad and troubling news. Today we observe the passing of a colleague and friend to many of us, Nabile Quenum. I learned of this shocking and unimaginable news on January 9th, 2018 and – as I’m sure is the case for many of you – am having a hard time wrapping my head around it. I met Nabile in London in 2013 as he exited the backstage of a show at Somerset House. As was often the case for him then, he was dressed in head-to-toe KTZ and hard to miss. With the aide of his ice-breaking sense of humor, we immediately fell into an easy rhythm which then led to many Fashion Week seasons’ worth of traveling, working, and partying together. As soon as I got to know him I admired him for his passion as well as his work ethic; we’ve shared countless nights of sifting through days’ worth of images until dawn while our friends drunkenly snored around our shared AirBnbs. Today, his book is closed. Nothing could have prepared us for this news. To think that someone I was once so close to could be so far away is an absolutely tragic thought but if anything, this should inspire the rest of us to take a step back. To respect our bodies. Respect our health. Each other. To create lives outside of our work. And think about our futures. This is not a message I write with the intention of being bombarded with condolences. In fact, I request that you do the opposite. Do not DM or text me. Instead, redirect this message to someone you are close to, someone who you care for and someone who may need your kind words. Reach to a friend who is traveling but perhaps feeling lonely. Sympathize with someone who is dealing with a broken heart. Call your parents. Pass on your message to someone who matters to you personally. This is the only moment any of us are to be sure of. I'm sure there is some ridiculously hilarious quote of Nabile's I could share to make everyone smile at the end of reading this…he was a funny dude…But I can't seem to find anything which would sum this all up. None of us were ready to read this today. Just make sure you make the best of the rest of your day, and take this message into tomorrow as well.

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