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The Story of Rihanna : watch our exclusive documentary Feb 4 on TRACE !


For this new episode of the docu-series “The Story Of”, TRACE offers a 26 minutes experience in the heart of Rihanna’s extraordinary ascent. Tune in this Sunday, Feb 4 !

In less than 10 years, Rihanna has become a true worldwide icon. With 8 albums, she’s imposed her style as the most bankable artist in history with over 210 million albums sold. The young Barbados native and Jay-Z protégé has become a strong and independent woman that reflects the Y generation’s thirst for freedom. The word has seen her grow and battle against the stereotypes of today’s society. Now, she’s become the anti-icon of the pop industry.

Watch “The Story of Rihanna” Sunday, Feb 4th  on TRACE TV Channels (TRACE Urban, TRACE Naija, TRACE Mziki) at 8pm. The rerun will occur Monday, Nov 5th at 10pm. The documentary will also be available on TracePlay.